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Develop a  wayfinding service in a complex indoor environment. 

Service Design Approach to 

Generate Wayfinding Solutions

Service Design
UX Design
Visual Design

The Royal Library of Denmark (the Black Diamond) has created an entirely new concept of a library, where a high standard research library merges with diverse cultural activities to engage tourists and citizens in discovering the wonders of history, art, science and politics. Nowadays, the Black Diamond hosts more than 100 events per year and attracts around 1.6 million visitors. This situation poses the challenge to maximize the possibilities of the building, promoting activities and engaging people on them, to generate in- come to enhance the cultural part. At the same time, it is also important to minimize the effects of the cultural events in the library activities, ensuring the library as a pleasant place to study.


In this context, an improved wayfinding system in the library stands as an absorbing service with potential to over- come some of the challenges faced by the library, enhancing the both parts of it and improving the user experiences of all types of visitors.


Inspired by Double Diamond Model, the project is conducted in the following phases: Discover, Define, Develop, and Deliver, on the user-centered design principles base.

Problem definition:
''How might we improve wayfinding and information dissemination in a complex indoor environment?''

The visitors can be divided into two main groups: the ‘regular users’ and the ‘irregular users’. The ‘regular users’ refers to the ones who often go to the library, and who are already familiar with this space. The ‘irregular users’ are on the opposite side, which refers to the ones who occasionally go to The Black Diamond, including participants of conference and events, customers of the restaurants, as well as tourists.

Who are the visitors?

Who should I focus?

Customer journey mapping of the current service
(conference booking)
Selected  Scenario (tourist)
Idea Generation

Service BLueprint

Prototype Mockup Interface 
Concept Video

Project type: master thesis project

Client: The Royal Library of Denmark, Cultural Department

Project team: Xinyi Huang, Aalborg University (Copenhagen)

Project time: 02.2016-07.2016


Want to know information about the project?

You can find the report here .

Or welcome to contact me !

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