Owner / Designer

Hi, I'm Xinyi, a Copenhagen-based designer, printmaker, analog camera lover and barista. This is my little design studio - StudioXinyi. I design... a lot of things.


I hold a bachelor degree in Environment Art and Design and a master degree in Service Systems Design. During the last seven years, I have also been working as a graphic designer and illustrator. I am currently working as a freelance designer on visual design and customer experience related design projects. In the meantime, I enjoy working behind the Synesso espresso machine and making perfect latte art. I'm a newbie in coffee roasting and would like to dig more into coffee production.


I take commissions including illustration , lino printing


I digitally exist on LinkedIn and Instagram .

Or you are more than welcome to find me at Risteriet on Studiestræde 36!

Welcome to say hi to me !




StudioXinyi â’¸ 2020