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NIHAO CPH is a lifestyle and travel website based in Copenhagen Denmark, delivering nonstop inspiration content about Copenhagen including lifestyle, culture, gastronomy, business, fashion and design to our global audience.

NIHAO CPH has a special focus on Chinese tourists visiting Denmark. Based on this focus and the 'user needs' of a Chinese traveler, we designed and developed a digital tour guide and an online shop. Here you can find the latest local recommendations, stories behind Danish design brand and the real Danish lifestyle. NIHAO HYGGE makes online purchase much easier and straightforward. Customers can entre the shop by simply scan the QR code, after choosing the product, the product will be sent directly from Denmark to their home in China. 

'Interactive wall' in the Copenhagen airport providing guide and access to the tour guide and the online shop.

Magazine - Nihao Journal

NIHAO JOURNAL explores and captures inspiring tellings across the world by pursuing culinary adventures, wonderful destinations, creative insights and interesting subcultures. 

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