Foopla: Create New Grocery Shopping Experiences

As a young start-up company, Foopla aims to offer the grocery shopping market a new way to approach to the local shops by placing their unique offer in a digital channel for making it more convenient for customers.


The task of the project team is to focus on the user research and the insights collection, aiming to develop innovative service proposals for the final service concept.

The project team started with the 'How might we  question'- 'How might we create a service that brings more customers to the greengrocers in Copenhagen?' We visited several stores in Copenhagen and interviewed different shop owners as well as customers to collect insights that help us understand better the market.


Shop owners and customers in Copenhagen 

Personas of shop owners

Personas of customers

Idea Generation
Concept Video

The final outcome of this project is a pitch deck for Foopla which can be used in presenting service ideas and design process to different stakeholders and potential investors.


Read the pitch deck here!


Client: Foopla (

Project team: Xinyi Huang, Maria Angelica Saavedra

Project time: 09.2015-01.2016


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